Floorball: Faster than field hockey, cooler than football, sexier than pole dancing. To convince you that floorball is indeed the most exciting sport there is, Hot Shots exists. From pub member to international, every member feels at home at Hot Shots. Two days a week there is intensive contact between men and women, who train together. And you are more than welcome to experience that first-hand!

About SUFV Hot Shots Nijmegen
Studenten Unihockey en Floorball Vereniging Hot Shots Nijmegen was founded for students on September 16, 2005. The club started small, but has grown to a membership of around 40 people. Fanatic Hot Shots-members who wanted to continue playing floorball after their student days, founded Floorball Flames for non-students in 2011.

Hot Shots trains twice a week at the Radboud Sportcentrum. Men and women of all levels train there together. For the big field league Hot Shots and Floorball Flames joined their forces for three men’s teams and two women’s teams. Hot Shots also competes in the small field league.

Hot Shots is not only an active club on the field, but off the field too. Besides our passion for sport, we also love drinks and other activities. Last year we had, among other activities, a beer pong tournament, beer bingo and diner rouler. Furthermore, we annually organise a members day and our own tournament.