Board 2022-2023

Nathalie Beekmans – chair

Hans van Haren – secretary

Gwen Bleckmann – treasurer

You can contact the board: hotshotsnijmegen@hotmail. com

Nathalie Beekmans (mail the chair)

Hihi! As you might have noticed I’m Nathalie, the chairwoman of the association :) The intensive floorball trainings, fun activities with the association and board meetings with the hardworking board are a part of my life now. Besides these activities, I study pedagogical sciences at the Radboud University. I’m really enjoying my studies and living on my own in the beautiful Nijmegen. I love thrift stores and I work at one myself at the weekends. Cooking and exploring new recipes are also hobbies of mine. Some other things I like to do in my freetime are running, drinking a lot of tea and debating social topics. Once in a while I visit my friends and family (including my two dogs <3) in my hometown in Brabant.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us :). I hope you enjoyed reading. As we would say in Brabant: houdoe en bedankt! 

Hans van Haren (mail the secretary)

Gwen Bleckmann (mail the treasurer)

Hi everyone! I’m Gwen and this year I am the treasurer of Hot Shots. I am a member since a year and I really love it! Last year I quitted hockey and now you can find me almost every day on the floorball field. Tuesdays I train with Ladies 1 from Flames, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Hot Shots, Saturdays I play matches with Ladies 1 and sometimes I play a match with Hot Shots on Sunday as well. Most of the time I am present at activities from Hot Shots, so you can see me there too. At the moment I’m trying to complete my bachelor in Mathematics at the Radboud University. Next to this full planning I love having fun board meetings, to see my friends and to read a lot of books. If you have any questions/tips about money/declarations, the website or about other stuff, you can always approach me. I hope to see you soon at practice or at an activity!