Training op woensdag 18:00-19:30 en donderdag 18:30-20:00

Every year around May, Hot Shots organizes the Hot Shots Open Tournament (HOT). This tournament is a small field tournament (4 players, no keeper, small field) and is held in Nijmegen. Teams from all over the Netherlands come to Nijmegen to win this tournament. As a team it is expected that you all wear the same color shirt or all put on a vest. First there will be played in random poules and then there will be a reclassification.

Since this is an open tournament, it means everyone is welcome. Members of other associations or players who are going to try it for the first time. This creates a nice atmosphere and you always learn something. Hot Shots arranges 30 sticks for people who don’t have a stick yet.

Teams can register for a few euros per person. The hall is rented, lunch and snacks are bought and the cups are awarded to the number 1, 2 and 3. Do you win one of the cups this year?

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