Training op woensdag 18:00-19:30 en donderdag 18:30-20:00

Hot Shots also takes part in competitions. There are two kinds of competitions: small field and big field. We will explain it to you.

Small field

A small field competition consists of 3 matchdays that all take place on a sunday in Utrecht. The matches are 3×10 minutes with 2 minutes breaks in between because of the high intensity. We play with 4 players in the field and change subs throughout the game. At this moment we play in poule 3.2 and we are aiming for the 5th place in the Netherlands!

Big field

For the big field competiton we have been collaborating with the Floorball Flames. Together we have managed to form three Hot Flames teams. A big field competition consists of 9 to 14 matches that all take place on Saturdays. The matches take place all over the country. Taking part in the competition(s). Feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining the competiton!

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